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We Pay Cash (written by Kathy Mai)

This is a testimony of Terry's faith, and us believing the words spoken by the Spirit out of the mouth of a  prophet. 2 Chronicles 20:20 tells us to,

Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

As many of you know the Spirit of God took Terry to heaven on January 26, 2009.  Terry was praying fervently minutes before he took his last breath and was received into heaven.  I want to share something prophetic that came out of Terry's mouth before he went to be with the Lord.  When Terry was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, the doctors were discussing the treatments with Terry.  One of them  was very concerned when he found out that Terry and I did not have any kind of medical insurance.  He was telling Terry of the expense that was facing us, and up out of Terry's spirit came these words.  "Don't you worry about it.  WE PAY CASH!!!"  I did not realize the words coming out of my husband's mouth were prophetic for the days to come.  I did not know that those words would burn in my heart when I was faced with the insurmountable medical bills.   I am pleased to share with you that every medical expense has been paid up to this date.  Every unexpected expense and every surprise has been met.  The ministry did not suffer and we are moving forward.  The Lord has been very gracious. The girls and I made our requests known unto God, not a man, or a group of men.  There are things that we were faced with that no one but the Lord knew, and he has provided for us.  We have fought with our faith, and when their was opportunity to doubt, the words spoken by the Spirit of God from Terry's heart would come out of one of us girls, and we continued to stand believing.  In the middle of this the Lord spoke to me out of the mouth of another prophet, my Dad.  He told me the Lord was speaking the words from Jeremiah 17:8. 

A man that trusteth in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord will not be careful in the year of drought.

I knew the Lord was telling me not to back off of anything that Terry and I had done together as far as giving money.  I have not backed off and I have seen one miracle after another take place in our lives.  One Saturday I needed some money and God knew it.  It did not appear like anything was moving, but I did not waiver.  I just said in my heart, "It will be here, WE PAY CASH!!" Ashley and I drove up to our mailbox at home to get the mail after the live broadcast.  She said, "Mom!"   I was like, "Oh, please not another bill."  She said, "Mom, there is an envelope addressed to you."  She opened it, and in that envelope was the amount of cash that I needed.  There was no return address, no note, just cash.   I can not tell you what that did for my heart.  When things like that happen, you know God knows what you have need of.  I have learned through this experience that God has no respect for any of our flesh.  He is interested in making Christians and he did not give me a couple days to overcome the loss of my husband.  I have come to see that it is his mercy that we did not have a choice but to believe him and the power of his resurrection.  There are many, many testimonies I could share about this and perhaps I will in the future.  I just wanted to give glory to God on Terry's behalf as well as ours for the faithfulness of God to his people.  I thank God for Terry Mai.  I thank God for his faith, his compassion, his humility and his love.  Though he is resting from his labours here on earth, his works follow him.   I also thank God for all of you who have prayed for the girls and me.  God bless all of you.

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