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We arrived at Dulles Airport near Resdon, Virginia after a smooth flight from DFW with anticipation of less difficulty with traffic than Reagan Airport near to DC.  At this point we were informed of a slight delay of the "People Movers"(new experience), which transfers passengers from the plane to the terminal.  Then there was a delay with the baggage, and finally another delay with the rental car.  Actually, it took us nearly two hours to get through the airport.  However, we remained fairly calm throughout the situation as we realized the beginning of the spiritual resistance to what we were about to do.  When we got in the car and headed toward Alexandria, VA., we immediately began to press forcefully against the principalities, powers, rulers, and spiritual wickednesses as God led, and the prayer in Joel that we have prayed for several months, "Spare thy people, Lord", came out of my heart, and there was a release in the Spirit, which was great relief and encouragement to what God had sent us to do!  After checking into the hotel, which I was not aware was near Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon, at about 10:00 PM, I believed it was right to go over into Washington, DC across the Potomac and pray yet that night and not wait until morning.  Just to let you know, I have been to Washington, DC on at least three other occasions with no trouble finding my way around the city, but this time we were there by ourselves sent by the Spirit of God, and the devil did not approve!  After I crossed the river and passed the Jefferson Memorial, I exited toward the National Mall area and immediately experienced total confusion.  For about the next 30 minutes as we were fighting in prayer, it was as if I could not tell right from left, east from west, north from south, or up from down, my eyes crossed, and my vision blurred excessively, and fear like I have never experienced tried to overwhelm my heart!  I thank God for Kathy as she did not get offended at my intolerable responses when she made a couple of comments trying to help!   In nearly 30 years of knowing me, Kathy had never seen me like this, and later she told me that she thought but did not say, "Terry, you need to get hold of your heart!", and she just continued to pray.  Finally, I began to be reminded that God sent us here, and He will have to get us out!  When I said those words out of my heart, peace began to come, and we found ourselves in front of the National Cathedral, which I had visited on previous trips but didn't recognize it until the peace of God began to minister to my heart!  Now religious people will say, "Well, the peace came because you found the church."  Let me tell you, that building had nothing to do with any of it!   The power of God caused me to overcome the tremendous opposition of the devil to us coming to pray in our National Capital and to continue to rest of the states.  I am convinced that the devils purpose was if he could stop us here, we would not continue to rest of the country, and you will see in the coming writings, this was not his last effort to thwart what God intended.  However, we did overcome this attack and headed back toward the Capitol grounds and made several circles around the National Mall before calling it a night rejoicing all the way and praising God for His mercy and grace on our lives.  I thought later we were most likely captured on video surveillance camera driving around the Capitol praying as it was midnight with little to no traffic, so now the government has us on record!  Praise God!  The following morning we headed back into Washington, DC and remained in and around the government area passing around the White House block four times and praying for our President to be strengthened to stand for God's will and purposes.  We also prayed around the Capitol and the Supreme Court several times, and each time we were led in that direction, the prayer became more intense, and Kathy described pains that were similar to labor pains.  The following week it was reported that the Supreme Court had overturned partial-birth abortion and the House and Senate had yielded to a hard stand request of the President.  I know that God caused those things to happen and that it had nothing to do with our righteousness, but our obedience, and we are grateful!

We continued on into Maryland, and I began to experience, although not as intense, the same confusion from DC.  This time, however, I got hold of it rather quickly as we were coming against principalities and witchcraft as many of the national medical offices are located there along with Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Hospital, and the University of Maryland.  We were traveling west on 495 Beltway and came across a massive contemporary structure with several pointed steeple protrusions.  I began to experience internal pains and blurred vision, and God began to lead me to violently resist religious spirits, and I overcame the physical adversities when we overcame those spirits.  I later discovered that the facility we saw was a large Mormon temple.  As we headed back into Virginia, the Spirit of God began to pray a prayer through me out of Genesis 18 as Abraham interceded before the Lord and said, "Wilt thou destroy the righteous with the wicked? That be far from you Lord, to slay the righteous with the wicked. Shall not the judge of the whole earth do right?"  There was tremendous intercession in my heart with this prayer and strength as I repeated it forcefully. God deepened his love in our hearts for this country and his people as we began this journey to the states.  We arrived back to Dulles Airport in Virginia about 2 hours before our departure to Newark, NJ, and the flight appeared on time.  However, when we arrived at our Gate, we were informed the plane was to depart from another Terminal Gate. When we arrived at the new gate, we were informed the flight was delayed 2 hours.  We then began to hear rumors of possible cancellation, and I told Kathy emphatically, "This is nothing but the devil, and it's not going to happen!!"  After over an hour of intense praying walking around the terminal, at least 3 time changes at the gate, and calmly watching other irate passengers complaining, they announced our first boarding call, but we continued to pray all the way to New Jersey.  The warfare was indescribable, but the overcoming victory of the adversity was worth it to experience the power of God strengthen us and cause us to stand and see the salvation of God!

biography written by Kathryn Currier
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