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Tooth (Truth) and Consequences

When Candace was about 10 years old, we realized something needed to be done about her teeth as many of them were not aligned properly, and in particular, a center front tooth would not come through.  The dentist advised Kathy and I that Candace go to an orthodontist, and he recommended braces.  Although we were not pleased with the alternative, we reluctantly agreed, but we continued to pray and believe that God would show us a better way.  During the process, she was not only fitted with braces, but another apparatus was installed to help expand the teeth to create more space in her mouth.  This required adjustment periodically, and on three separate occasions God led me to pray to move her mouth without the use of the equipment in her mouth.  Each time by the next morning, she would come to me because the apparatus in her mouth needed adjustment as a result of movement in her mouth by the power of God!  Needless to say, it was a great encouragement that God would move her mouth beyond what the equipment could do.  Then on one of the regular visits, the orthodontist informed Kathy that Candace's front tooth in question needed to be exposed by oral surgery in a process to get it to lower into its proper position.  She asked how long we had until it would be scheduled, and he stated about two weeks.  They came home to inform me of the situation, and although my heart wanted to faint, I knew that would do no good.  So I expressed, "Thank God!  That gives us two weeks to see God deliver her by His power!"  He had moved her mouth before and I knew He could do it again!  We continued to pray and seek God to move for the next 10 days with no visible success.  Finally, about three days before Candace's next appointment, we were eating in a restaurant and saw our family dentist.  After we left, I was prompted by the Spirit of God to break the curse over Candace's mouth and anything spoken over her by that dentist.  Within a matter of hours, her tooth, which was three years late, began to come through, and 48 hours later at her next appointment, the tooth had come in nearly 25%.  The orthodontist was astounded and couldn't believe it.  I should say at this point that he was a professing Christian.  A short time later, it came time to go on with the process, which is called the second phase, and God showed us that she did not need to continue.   Although the orthodontist did not agree, he asked if he could use Candace's case as demonstration of his work on his lecture circuit.  Here is where God had me share with him how God's power had moved in her mouth over the period of time, in particular, the front tooth that had fully come through into its proper position.  Therefore, I continued, if he would be willing to give God the credit for the work that was miraculously done in her mouth, we would give him permission to use her case.   Needless to say, he didn't want to do that, which is not uncommon for many so-called professing Christians, who as Paul says, "give lip service to God, but in works they deny Him."  We continue to give God thanks for His power that works in us daily!  Praise God! 

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