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Although I could share a personal testimony about each vehicle God has led us to purchase over the past twenty-five years, the first auto purchase gave me encouragement and confidence toward God, not only to buy a vehicle, but also to purchase other things.  I have stated the first scripture God wrote in my heart was Matthew 6:33,

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these "things" will be added unto you

After that, he began to demonstrate these words to me actively, and one of these actions was the purchase of a car.  Please understand, this was a new way of life for me.  Although I had been raised in church, I never knew to ask God for anything, especially something material like a car.  Well, so much for religion, huh? Philippians 4:19 states,

my God shall supply "all" your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

So, I came to realize God was telling me to get a new car.  I prayed and looked for the next three weeks to settle my heart, first, to know I was hearing God, and to make sure what make and model I was to buy.  Some may think I was being too methodical, but I wanted to be completely positive this action was God working in my life and not just a lust of my own heart.  Once I was settled, I went to the dealership and met the sales manager.  I told him that I wanted to purchase a new white Pontiac Catalina with red interior.  Initially, although nice, he was negative about locating one, but he agreed to try.  He proceeded to call four other dealerships to no avail.  He then tried to convince me to consider a couple of Catalinas on the lot, which were other colors.  I saw that as a temptation to compromise what I believe God told me to do.  Well, I said, "No, thank you.  I want a white one!"  He again was negative about locating a white one, but he agreed to call one more place.  As he called, I began to pray within myself, "Lord, I believe you sent me here, and I believe you gave me the desire for this particular car!  Where is it?"  I could hear the sales manager say on the phone, "So, you don't have a white one?"  All of a sudden, he reversed and said, "Wait a minute!"   He related they weren't sure, but remembered a Catalina that had not been seen for several weeks.  They returned to report of a white Pontiac Catalina covered with dust hidden in the far corner of a back warehouse.  Needless to say, by now, my heart was literally in my throat.  They began to describe it as white, red interior, 2-door coupe, landau roof, rally wheels, am-fm stereo radio, red pin stripe down the side, etc., etc. (exceeding my expectations).  My heart was nearly overwhelmed by the goodness of God.  The manager could not believe it, but finally, I did.  Actually, the dealership was upset, because they had already agreed to discount the vehicle I purchased.  God had gotten me a great deal and out of this experience with the addition of more experiences has continued to establish my heart in faith toward the Gospel of the kingdom of God. "Faith" is defined in Hebrews 11:1,

Now faith is the substance (ground or confidence) of things hoped for, the evidence (proof or proving) of things not seen.

Through this experience and others, God has given me confidence of his work and proven to me even if I don't see it with my eyes, if I continue to obey God in action and believe the Gospel in my heart, he will bring all things to pass.

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