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North Dakota & South Dakota

It was another tremendously rewarding trip praying from Pierre, South Dakota to Bismarck, North Dakota.  For example, about an hour traveling north from Pierre toward North Dakota across the horizon, it began to get dark and storm clouds began to form directly in front of us.  Kathy and I had been challenging principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual wickedness, and continued as the Spirit of God directed as lightning struck all across in front of us. Of course, it also started to rain, but this was more than just rain.  This was a storm!!  My thought was, "Yes, devil, I know who you are, and we're coming to North Dakota by the Spirit of God!"  As we progressed binding principalities, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, etc. (as God directed), a storm cloud would vanish and another would form, one would vanish, another would form, and so on, and we continued to make progress toward North Dakota!  Finally, at one point Kathy said, "This seems strange, but in my spirit, it's as though it's coming from Canada!".  We began to pray with that direction as well as the other things, and the storm clouds began to break apart, vanish, and steady easy rain continued until about 25 miles before Bismarck.   While we were in Bismarck, it remained dry until we began to return to Pierre, and then it easily rained for the next 2 hours.  The temperature in North Dakota was in the low 50's, somewhat different from the 100's of the last week in Texas.  I asked someone when I stopped for gas in Strasbourg, North Dakota if they needed rain, and the person replied, "Most definitely!  This is welcome relief!"  I trust that you can see the difference in the rain that we initially encountered in the storm and the rain that was received after we overcame!  What a blessing to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!  About 40 miles from arriving back in Pierre, I touched base with the pilot, who was awaiting our arrival, and he said everything was fine.  However, after I hung up, the same darkness we had encountered heading north began to form heading south toward Pierre.  Again we continued to challenge the principalities as the Spirit of God directed and literally saw those dark clouds breakup and the darkness move backwards.  It is a tremendous experience to see the power of God move the powers of darkness out of us, off of us, and away from us as we continue to believe the Gospel!       

biography written by Kathryn Currier
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