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After completing our trip to the Washington and New York areas, Kathy and I were excited to get back to what God had sent us to do.  We are always praying for our leaders and this nation, because I Timothy 2:1-3 instructs us to, but now God was sending us to each of the 48 mainland states to pray in them.  Nearly a week transpired between our trip to New Jersey and the scheduled trip to Boston, and measurable rain and storms continued up the Eastern Coast almost every day with reports of much flooding and destruction and little relief in sight.  The devil tried to cause me to doubt if we would be able to go, but I continued to resist those thoughts.  The day before we were to leave for Boston, the weather began to miraculously change for the better, and we left the following morning right on time without any problems!  It was still overcast when we arrived, but within 30 minutes out on the road toward Maine, the sun popped through the clouds.  After that, we experienced only light showers on occasion especially when we needed a little encouragement from the Lord.  We went into Kittery and York, two of the first places we later discovered that were settled in Maine.  In fact, York, Maine originally was considered at the start to be the major port that Boston became, but because of some questionable financial influence, the direction changed about 150 miles south according to recorded history.  We discovered the major storms mentioned earlier had overwhelmed this area, but the Lord cleared the way for us to obey his will, and they were spared complete devastation, praise God!  After praying in Maine for a while, we headed up the road across New Hampshire toward Vermont.  As we entered into New Hampshire we saw a sign saying "Welcome to New Hampshire."   At the bottom of this sign was the state motto that said, "Live free, or die."  Kathy said, "Boy, that is the truth!!"  She was referring to walking in the things of the Kingdom of God as well as in the flesh.  The Spirit of God opened our understanding to the length the Lord went, so this nation could be raised up to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  We both gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the men and women who had fought and given their lives to establish this nation.  It was ordained before the foundation of the world that America would be a nation to demonstrate the power of God.  As we continued through the state of New Hampshire, there was tremendous warfare, particularly "witchcraft", but we knew we were making progress in the spirit.  We reached White River Junction, Vermont, known as the first railroad station in Vermont and New England north of Boston, and we saw a sign that said "Woodstock".   Our thought was, "Do you suppose this is where the celebration took place in the late 1960's (my era)."  I later remembered the original "Woodstock" took place in New York.  However, it triggered something that I didn't even know still existed in my heart, and it was just another opportunity to overcome some more of the world that had influenced my life in preceding years.  Thank God for his mercy and grace on us all!  We prayed in Vermont until we knew we had overcome, and we proceeded back through New Hampshire to the state capital, Concord.  We were in a tremendous spiritual contest and were reminded that New Hampshire, a relatively small populated state, plays a major role in the political arena of our country.  We were always thanking God for those in authority in these states, interceding and offering up prayers and supplications for the governors, senators, congressmen or women, and all those in authority in these specific areas.  As I stated earlier, I Timothy 2 instructs us all how to pray that we might lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. This was our direction for Concord, New Hampshire, as we spent time in that area praying for their leaders and for the upcoming political stage.  We then turned toward Boston and prayed intently until about 7:00 PM CST, and we decided to get a bite to eat and to get a room for the night.  After checking in to our hotel in Boston, it would not leave either of our spirits to go on to Rhode Island that evening.  So we hopped back into our car and headed toward Providence, Rhode Island.  There was tremendous resistance, but by this time, the Lord had brought us through so many wars and caused us to overcome each one of them, we thought, "What's one more!"  I know that may sound ridiculous to some, but those that have engaged in spiritual warfare of any kind will understand what I am saying.  I used to listen to Doyle, and I thought, "Sure I know that."  Well, Kathy and I both got a greater revelation of spiritual warfare on these trips to the states.  None of us have arrived, and we can all learn more about the things of the Spirit. We were reminded that it was not because of our righteousness that we were able to accomplish any of these trips, but it was his mercy and grace on us to cause us to obey and fulfil his righteousness to the nation.  However, I am grateful that I have had someone physical to teach and show me the things of the Spirit of God, because had I not, the devil could have eaten me alive.  Obviously, when God sent us to do this, he knew we were ready.  We sure didn't, but as I stated in a previous testimony, God proved himself to us and caused us to triumph.   As we moved out of the Boston area, things seemed to get a little lighter in the Spirit as we trucked on down the road toward Rhode Island.  As we approached the Providence area, we encountered what seemed to be a deluge of religious spirits, and I recalled in history that the first Baptist church was founded in Providence.  While I was driving through the city, I pointed out to Kathy, "Look at all the steeples!"  In every direction, there was one protruding steeple after another, and they were not all Baptist, but it was obvious religion has a tremendous influence in the spirit in this area.  At least that is what we were overcoming as we continued to pray there until I knew it was time to head back to Boston.  When we turned back toward Boston, my heart was probably ready for a break, but instead, we met with tremendous warfare, which was fine.  After all, I knew we were not sent on some joy ride or a scenic pleasure vacation.  We spent sometimes 10 to 12 hours driving in many states praying with all that was within us, which is not a complaint, just a fact.  It was one of the hardest things I have experienced in my walk with the Lord over the past 28 years, yet one of the most gratifying. Why?  Because it was the will of God for our lives!  As we continued to pray until well after midnight in the Boston area, I was reminded of our experience there that every time we were approached Boston, the pressure increased, and I concluded it was obviously the major principalities and powers over this area that we were engaging and overcoming.   After we arrived back home, I researched and discovered that Boston has more religious and educational institutions than any other city in the country.  It is a major port, a financial leader, an industrial leader, a medical leader, and a political leader.  In other words, it is one of the most diverse cities in the nation to lead in many areas and influence our entire nation.  Kathy and I are convinced we have just begun to see that things that God has for his people.   I encourage you to believe this gospel.  The Lord will work for anyone that believes his power.  Also, I encourage the body of Christ to continue to join us in praying and fasting for our nation.

biography written by Kathryn Currier
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