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Kentucky & West Virginia

We arrived in Lexington, Ky. and headed out toward Charleston, WV.  It has become interesting to me how we have encountered many of the same spirits in prayer across all of the states, but we have discovered how the spirits manifest in different ways.  For example, as we approached West Virginia, traveling through Huntington, WV, tremendous oppression tried to overwhelm us as we were binding witchcraft, sorcery, and the oppression of Jezebel, which continued for over 50 miles until we came near Charleston, WV, and we began to overcome in the Spirit.  We then remembered the last time we came to Charleston with Doyle and company in 04 and headed south through coal mining country, we experienced the same oppressive spirits.  This time, however, we came from the west into the state.  This is just another example of a principality or ruler which is over an entire state or region as we have gone into other states from a different direction and region.  While praying in Charleston, the capital, there was opposition, and we overcame the battles, but they were much lighter than on the way there.  In fact when we began to return back toward Kentucky, we again encountered much oppression as before.  However, this time we were more prepared and overcame it much more rapidly.  One interesting part of Charleston to me was that in most cities, there are areas zoned for commercial, residential, etc. Here in the heart of downtown was what appeared to be zoned "religious" as all of the churches were side by side next to or across from each other.  We saw Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, among others.  It is almost comical to consider that you could walk out of one and walk next door or across the street to another until you found the one that you liked.  Almost like restaurant row or entertainment square, which seemed highly unusual to me.  However, there really is no difference in them.  By the time we entered back into Kentucky, we again were challenging the principalities, powers, rulers, and spiritual wickedness in the state which included witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, along with divination.  We traveled to Frankfort, the capital, and back to Lexington for the night.  The following morning we prayed all over and around Lexington, known as the Horse Capital of the World (Idolatry).  The University of Kentucky is there and has a large medical school and hospital.  Also there is a Shriners Hospital, a Baptist Medical Center, and St. Johns Medical Center.   That's four large medical centers in a city of a little less than 300,000 people; in other words, a huge witchcraft influence.  There are also two major law schools, one at UK and the other at Transylvania University (formerly a Disciples of Christ affiliate).  During this time, my heart and mind was being bombarded with distractions trying to take me away from the center of the purpose that we were sent there to pray.  This is where divination came into play as I have experienced for years when a certain issue that God was showing us, a spirit would try to distract us from the main focal point to turn us away from the truth.  God revealed this to me, and we continued to triumph!  Finally, God also led to us to pray against the oppressive heat wave over the area, and by the time we arrived home, we heard on the news that it was slowly beginning to move as well as the torrential rains in the upper Midwest.  It is tremendously encouraging when God leads you in paths of righteousness, and we begin to see the results of obedience to His commands.  We truly thank God for His mercy and grace on all of our lives!

biography written by Kathryn Currier
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