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I Couldn't Have A Devil

When I received the Holy Spirit in June, l978, God immediately began to do a work in my heart by his Spirit and power.  I was 30 years of age then, and I had no knowledge the power of God existed in the earth at all.  I do remember, when I was about 10 years old, there was a tent revival on TV, and some man appeared to be doing something (I know now it was praying) with people in wheelchairs, on crutches, and on cots.  It seemed like they were getting healed, but the adults watching said, "I wonder how much they paid those people (to act their healing)?"  So, I dismissed it as being fake and never thought about it until I really came in contact with the power of God myself!  After I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, the people in the room continued to pray.  Soon, I felt two hands like hot branding irons on my back, and a voice (Doyle Davidson) say, "Come out, sorcery!  Come out witchcraft!"  Before I could say, "I don't have sorcery or witchcraft!" I felt in my chest like flesh was literally tearing away from my ribs.   It was as if someone was ripping my ribcage inside-out.   At the same time, I knew that I was okay, but I did feel something leave my body.  It was devils!   I asked myself, "How could I have devils?"  I had heard about witches and such, but I never inquired or believed in them.  However, I could not deny what took place inside of me.  I never knew walking in the world system is after the flesh, and one work of the flesh is witchcraft.(Galatians 5:20)  Also Rev. 18:23 states,

"thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." 

That doesn't leave many of us out, does it?   Doyle asked, "Did you feel anything?'  I explained to him what happened.   He then told me while his hands were on my back, it felt like someone with a sledge hammer on a rock pile.  When he would call out the evil spirit by the Spirit of God, a piece of rock would fly out of my back.  The power of God was beginning to set me free!  In Mark 16, Jesus said one of the signs of believing the gospel is to cast out devils.  Obviously, the gospel began to literally operate in my heart that day.  Although dramatic to me, this was only the beginning of God's power working in me.  He has continued to work in me for the past 20 years to build the foundation of Jesus Christ through the apostle-prophet ministry.

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