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Breath From God

Before I truly began to serve God, I was professionally trained in vocal music, and I sang professionally in opera and many classical music performances.  I always believed that God gave me the talent to sing and gave him credit for it, but I had no idea what true purpose he had for my life.  Raised in traditional religion, I thought I was supposed to expound upon the talent God gave me and develop it to the greatest position possible.  I had no idea that I was to ask God what to do with the talent he gave me.  In fact, I didn't even know I should ask God for anything beyond what I couldn't do for myself.  Pretty shallow self-righteous religion, huh?  Well, when God led me to discover about laying down my complete life, I realized it meant music too!  I came to the decision if it meant I would never sing another note again as long as I lived, I would do it.  I know that is extreme, but unless you have done what I experienced as music was my whole life, you will not understand the extent of the decision I had to make not only to God, but to myself.  Yes, I know the scriptures about praise and music to God, but my decision was in reference to no performance for people anymore unless God ordained it.  God in his mercy very gently has taken the desire from my heart to impress people with singing, to live for applause, or even to perform period.  He then began to give me the desire to sing unto him and to worship and praise him only.  Soon, I began leading praise and worship at bible studies that Doyle was having at the time.  Then I was asked to sing special music at meetings that we were having.  To be honest at first, I was hesitant because I knew I had laid performance down.  However this time, it was different because I now was lifting my voice unto God and not for the approval of people, and God began to honor it.  To my amazement, the Spirit and power of God began to move as I would sing, and people began to get set free of oppression and devils, etc.  At the time, I honestly couldn't explain it nor understand it totally, but I thought, "This is greater than any applause or anything the world could offer! Thank you, Father!"


Time passed, and it had been about five years since I had done any professional singing performances.  Then one day, I received a phone call from a long time friend who was directing a performance of Handel's "Messiah" and wanted me to sing the Bass arias.  Well, initially, I thought, "No!", but in my heart it seemed as though, "It's okay, go ahead."  It is astonishing what God will use to deal with a person's heart, and this was no exception.  So, I agreed, but I soon began to realize, "Hey, you haven't done this kind of singing for several years, and you are not in the same vocal condition to sing without a microphone as you have become accustomed!"   Needless to say the devil played on that doubt for a while, but finally I overcame it, and I decided I was going to have to believe God.  I also reminded him that he was the one who told me to do it.  Well, performance time came, and I told Jesus, "Lord, I thank you for the honor to lift up praise unto you, and I commit this time as worship unto to you for your honor, praise, and glory!"  The performance was presented at a large Methodist church in South Dallas, and I had been told that there was a group of charismatics within the congregation, but I really didn't give it much thought.   However, at the beginning, there was congregational singing, and I noticed some of them lifting their hands, which, of course, in the Methodist church is not common, but it didn't bother me.  At this point the Tenor soloist, with whom I had performed in years past and knew he was a highly competent singer, leaned over and said laughing, "You see those people lifting their hands?  They speak in other tongues!"   I replied without hesitation, "So what?  I do too!"  At which, he turned and said nothing to me the rest of the evening.  During the presentation, I saw first hand how it is not wise to mock God.  As I stated, the Tenor was an accomplished singer, but he had one of the worst performances I had ever heard.  As for me, God blessed me with possibly the best performance I had ever experienced with the "Messiah", and he also performed a miracle for me while I was singing one of the arias.  This particular aria had a lot of long virtuoso runs with lots of notes to sing in one breath.  In the middle of one of the runs, I realized I didn't have enough breath to complete the run without stopping.  My choices were stop,take a breath, and look stupid, run out of breath and look stupid, or believe God!  At that instant, all I thought in my heart was, "Jesus!", my diaphragm just expanded with air without taking a breath, and I completed the aria with minimal effort unto perfection!   Glory be to God!  He proved to me his ability(power) in me was beyond mine, and he would anoint and honor whatever he ordained if my heart would glorify him, even Handel's "Messiah".  Needless to say, my mind was overwhelmed at the power of God, but my heart was ecstatic, excited, and strengthened because of the miracle God did for me.  You know, that's why God does miracles, so you and I might believe.  Well, he has made a believer out of me.  No, I haven't performed any more "Messiah's" since and don't care if I ever do, but I have seen the power of God daily, and that is of much greater importance to all of our lives. 


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