Hello I am Rachel, the youngest of the three daughters of Terry and Kathy Mai. I was born October 1990 in Plano Texas. Growing up as long as I can remember we have worshiped The Lord. If we ever needed to overcome anything we would always use some sort of worship to get through and we have always seen results.

I began playing trumpet in the sixth grade and continued all through high school. My dad believed it was right for me to play along with the worship team when I was a junior in high school and I have played there on and off ever since. I was a section leader of about 70 people for the trumpets my junior and senior year of high school.

I started to play guitar my senior year of high school and have continued to play it joining Candace on the piano for most of our worship songs. I have always enjoyed worshiping and I am thankful for the way we have been raised because I always know where to go when I need help!