Songs of Worship
Before my daddy went to heaven in January 2009 he spoke these words of encouragement to me, “Can, when you touch that piano, the level of the anointing rises.” I believe that was prophetic. That was just hours before he went to be with the Lord.

On Sunday evening November 1, 2009 the following tongue and interpretation was given by my mom and Doyle (my grandad). It was about me and my ministry to the world. I appreciate God for the encouragement.

Tongue and Interpretation: Evening 11-1-2009 Kathy Mai and Doyle Davidson:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon you to set the captives free. Be not afraid. As you play those notes, the power of God will continue to increase through you, saith the Lord. You are my chosen vessel to minister in music to the world. Be not afraid. Be not reluctant to believe that what you are doing is the Father, saith the Lord. He has ordained you to play that instrument, and the world will know that he has ordained you; and the power will break forth as you play and people will be delivered, and they will be healed. So trust in your heart, trust in your faith and keep on believing God, saith the Lord.
Praise and Worship on the Piano
Music Background - video from my mom's Live Broadcast
Two songs God put in my heart to worship him
Songs of Worship 1
Songs of Worship 2
Two songs God put in my heart for my sister's wedding.
Songs of Worship 3
Songs of Worship 4
Medley - audio of The Lord is My Light, We Exalt Thee, No Other Name

You are welcome to download and share Songs of Worship and Praise from this website, but these songs and worship, as with all of the Mai songs, are for ministry purposes only, and NOT for resale.

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