Hello, my name is Ashley Mai Alvis. Born to Terry and Kathy Mai in December of 1986, I am the middle child of the three sisters. I am the mother of a daughter, Shelby Jane and a wife to Casey Alvis. I never really referred to myself much as a singer, but I did grow up in a household where we worshipped together as a family a lot of the time.

I was in band all throughout middle school and high school playing the alto saxophone. I also played for the worship team for a few years. I played basketball in middle school and some high school. I would have to say I get my love for horses from my “Pop,” Doyle Davidson.


I grew up taking dance. The Lord told my mom never to be afraid to put us girls in something that can be used to worship him. I love to dance before my Lord. I’m thankful for the way us girls have been brought up and raised to trust in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.