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In association with Water of Life Church, located at 1621 18th Street, Plano, Texas, I want to thank you for visiting Mai House on the internet.

Terry Mai was with Water of Life Ministries for thirty years. He led worship and ministered in song with the ministry. He was a fellow apostle with Doyle Davidson and ministered along with him. He was married to Kathy Davidson Mai and they have three daughters; Candace, Ashley Mai Alvis and Rachel. Terry was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma on January 10th of 2009 and went to be with the Lord on January 26th. God was very merciful. Terry was to see his physician to begin chemotherapy on Tuesday. Early Monday morning, Terry let out a loud shout, and went to be with the Lord in the presence of his wife Kathy and their daughter Ashley.

Kathy, and their three daughters, Candace, Ashley and Rachel sang for the first time publicly, at Terry’s Celebration (Funeral) Service. They sang “Sometimes Alleluia”, and this was the beginning of The Mai Girls.  The girls minister on a regular basis with Water of Life Ministries.  The Mai Girls also minister weekly on Kathy’s world wide shortwave radio broadcast, twice weekly in Canada, and once a week on five other stations in the U.S. at the present time.  God has opened an effectual door for them which no man can shut.  Great is His faithfulness. 

On this site, you will be able to link to:

• Written testimonies, Triumphs, about the power of God working in the Mai House
• Audios and Videos ministering the gospel in song by Terry Mai & Kathy Mai

God bless you, The Mai Girls

biography written by Kathryn Currier
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Songs Composed
by Terry Mai
sung by Terry:
sung by Sweet 16:
Original songs are written by Terry Mai and © under Water of Life Ministries. They are not for profit or resale, but for ministry purposes only.

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